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The glass of fashion and the mould of form : Hamlet, iii. First published January New Impression March Diffuseness has been avoided, but this, I hope, has enabled me to make the book the more lucid, as well as the more succinct. At any rate, it affords hints, general rules, and warnings more numerous and more practical than any published until now; I have also tried to give to it a quality which reviewers have found present in my other books on Collecting—that is, a simplicity and clearness of explanation, done at the most difficult and necessary points, and in an interesting way. Moreover, this book has had the great advantage of revision before printing by Mr. Collins, of 53 the Lanes, Brighton, a pupil of Mr. Most of the illustrations represent typical pieces in my own collection, but for some of the finest I have to thank the kindness of Mrs. Devitt, of Herontye, East Grinstead, a collector indeed. The illustrations do not represent relative sizes to the same scale.

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Pair of Cranberry Wine Glasses. The Bowls being 3. A set of six late 19th Century Victorian antique cut glass wine glasses which have a facet cut round funnel bowl, a hollow hexagonal baluster shape stem and a plain Six sided silesian stem glass with folded foot soda glass.

Early American molded glass refers to functional and decorative objects, such as bottles and condiment sets, pitchers, punch bowls, pans, dishes, preserve dishes, mugs, tumblers, wine glasses, celery glasses and salts, and doll dishes.

Crystal stemware was a classic wedding gift for many decades and this tradition still stands when it comes to the best, timeless brands of crystal. Waterford crystal is one of those brands. Waterford crystal is often an item people sell at estate sales and many sellers have no idea what their Waterford is worth. If you are looking to sell your Waterford, or purchase some at your next estate sale , read on to learn all about this long-standing tradition in crystal glassware.

Wait a second. Crystal is a type of glass, specifically glass made with lead. Most crystals have a combination of silica, soda and lead-oxide. Lead crystal is very strong and often used in wine glasses and decorative ornaments. In the 90s, there was a health scare as the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about consuming your food out of lead crystal.

Even the Waterford website discourages customers from storing liquids and foods in the crystal, which would give the lead more time to leach from the crystal into the food.


Also, this page will be slowly updated over time…by no means is the entire collection viewable. For All Glassware: Any nicknames that I use are in quotes, e. Small Crystal Wine Glass? Crystal Coupe? Durand 1. Hi, I was wondering if you have any idea of how to acquire a tumbler like the crystal double old fashioned you have.

These are the classic wineglasses you’ve always loved on your grandmother’s holiday table – and that you’ll always want to have on yours. The design is.

Antique and vintage glassware ranges from simple to fantastic, and affordable to outrageous – literally something for everyone. Use these online value guides to help you identify and value many different types of vintage glass. Learning about old glassware goes far beyond valuing it, however. In fact, oftentimes you have to figure out what type of glass you own before you can find the value.

Take a look at these additional resources to learn more about your antique and collectible glass pieces. Some of the most beautiful and highly valued glass was made by a number of different companies in the s and early s. This type of glass made by a number of different companies is characterized by its “oil slick” coloring in varied hues. While made in both clear and colors like Depression glass, the quality of “elegant” glassware is significantly higher.

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Which type of drinking glass goes with which drink? If you want to update a home bar or wine cellar and have a semi-professional look when you serve your guests drinks, learn about the types of glassware you need for your personal bar. This quick guide will help you find out which types of bar glasses are appropriate for which drink!

Use our wine chart to figure out which wines go with which types of wine glasses.

Thirty years ago old wine glasses engraved with roses, rosebuds, and a glass of Charles II date, a William and Mary glass, a George III glass, and a Victorian.

You can thank George Ravenscroft for the astonishing variety of antique drinking glasses we have today. The Englishman was first to produce clear lead crystal glassware on an industrial scale, vastly improving the process of adding lead oxide to glass in A glass revolution was started and the first goblet to sit on the shelves of antique drinks cabinets across the country was developed – the baluster.

But what exactly are they collecting? Antique baluster glasses Heavy balusters or goblets were all the rage between and The feet of these antique drinking glasses were folded and domed to strengthen the vessel. Antique balustroid glasses Lighter versions of balusters were introduced in the 18th century, due to taxes imposed according to the weight of the glass. These new antique wine glasses were known as balustroids, distinguishable by their hollow stem complete with bubble of air.

Air-twist stem glasses Evolving from balustroids, these lighter and more elegant antique drinking glasses were produced by drawing out the bubble of air within the stem. Intricate twists were created, fitting in nicely with growing Rococo fashions and thirst for Chinoiserie styles. Opaque twist glasses Enamel rods were brought in at the same time air-twists were being produced about But the style enabled glasshouses to produce all kinds of stem patterns, many of which we see in fancy antique champagne glasses now.

Antique facet stem glasses Cut with a wheel, this form of glassmaking created the diamond and hexagon patterns we know and love in the stems of antique wine glasses today. Their intricate engravings make them absolutely divine by candlelight.

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A cursive capital L inside a three-segmented circle i. Peterson, as introduced in but discontinued sometime previous to publication of his book. This date is presumably based on a check into the U.

The earliest decanters date from the late seventeenth century and were made from blown moulded glass. They were used to serve wine at a time when.

Santa Cruz, CA dose glass spoon, medicine measuring glass, druggist’s dosage measure, pharmacy shot glass. Embossed advertising conical dose glass, medicine measuring glass, druggist’s dosage measure, pharmacy shot glass. Duquesne, PA advertising dose glass, medicine measuring glass, druggist’s dosage measure, pharmacy shot glass. Embossed in reverse on bottom. Also embossed in reverse on bottom. Text is not molded into glass.

How to Identify Antique Crystal Stemware

Antique crystal stemware, coveted for its age and signature light-reflecting qualities, became a serving option for the elite during the s. Crystal stemware was manufactured for hundreds of years by a large number of manufacturers in a great many patterns, all of which make it difficult to identify. If you’re starting or adding to your collection, be aware of the differences between crystal stemware and regular glassware.

Crystal is a high-quality glass made with lead. In the “Chicago Tribune,” Michele Fecht writes that true crystal has a “lead content of at least 24 percent,” but glass doesn’t contain lead.

Engraved red wine glasses, stemless glasses, champagne flutes, custom white wine glasses, Personalized Decanter and Double Old Fashioned Glasses Set.

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